This Airline Has $50 Round-Trip Flights All Around the Country Right Now

With Memorial Day weekend just a few days away, summer getaway season will soon kick into high gear...

Charleston, South Carolina | Shutterstock
Charleston, South Carolina | Shutterstock

With Memorial Day weekend just a few days away, summer getaway season is about to into high gear. Hopefully, you've already locked in some plans, but if you've been dragging your feet, that procrastination may have paid off big time. Frontier Airlines just unleashed its latest flash sale, and it's stocked with a bunch of crazy good fare deals around the country, including a bunch of round-trip flights for just $50

If you've been holding out in hopes of finding a bargain getaway in the next few months, Frontier Airlines is making a good case for booking something right now with its huge new sale, stocked with incredibly cheap flights to and from a bunch of hubs around the country, with some routes going for a cool $50 round-trip. You'll want to act quickly though, since flights are booking fast and the sale ends May 22. You can scope out the full rundown of discounted routes on Frontier's dedicated flash sale page, but we've highlighted a few of the best below.

10 of the best Frontier Airlines flight deals

  • Round-trip from Austin to New Orleans for $50
  • Round-trip from Columbus to Raleigh/Durham for $50
  • Round-trip from San Diego to Las Vegas for $50
  • Round-trip from Portsmouth, New Hampshire to Orlando for $50
  • Round-trip from Chicago to Nashville for $68
  • Round-trip from Philadelphia to Charleston for $68
  • Round-trip from Saint Louis to Denver for $68
  • Round-trip from Atlanta to Miami for $88
  • Round-trip from Austin to San Francisco for $88
  • Round-trip from Denver to Minneapolis for $88

Though many of these fares are unbeatable, it is a flash sale on a budget airline, which means there's some significant fine print to consider. For instance, many of the deals are restricted to dates between certain travel windows from now through August, and a number of routes require you to travel exclusively on certain days of the week (so flexibility is key). Additionally, you'll be paying extra for just about everything besides a guaranteed seat on the plane (baggage, seat selection, stretch seats, etc.). 

Still, if you can channel your inner minimalist and pack light, this could end up being one of the cheapest ways to skip town that you'll come across this summer. 

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