This Train Rammed Through a FedEx Truck in Terrifying Dash Cam Footage

Everyone more or less prays they’re not about to meet certain death when crossing train tracks. So this driver of a FedEx truck in Salt Lake City, Utah, must have communicated with some kind of deity, because a FrontRunner train slammed into his trailer, and he somehow escaped unscathed.  

Dash cam footage captured the wreck for the ages, replete with boxes and debris flying everywhere. As you can see, the railroad crossing was inactive, because as the truck passed, the gates remained up and no lights flashed.

This, of course, was due to a system malfunction that the Utah Transit Authority is currently investigating. "The agency has never had an accident like this before, and UTA is investigating why and how it happened to ensure it doesn't occur again," the agency said press release. According to local reports, the railroad had been affected by snow and ice throughout the week, which we’re guessing had something to do with the crash. When a rail line is affected by inclement weather, per the UTA, gates immediately default to a “down and active” position, but in this situation, the gates remained open.

No one was hurt in the accident, which is kind of shocking, given the immense scale of the two colliding objects.

[HT SLC Tribune]

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