Froot Loops Gummies Candy Is Headed to Stores

But you'll have to wait until Halloween.

A bowl of Froot Loops cereal.
Allyson Lea/Shutterstock

Thanks to food science, a little ingenuity, and major corporations' preternatural ability to recognize where there’s money to be made, a lot of stuff tastes like other stuff. Your Oreos might taste like a brownie, birthday cake, or pop star, a strawberry ice cream cone might masquerade as a Hershey’s Kiss, and Twizzlers might just be a whole darn mystery. And now, Froot Loops, a cereal that could have plausibly been inspired by a candy, has instead inspired a candy. 

Froot Loops Gummies, fashioned after the famed “frooty” cereal, won’t be available until around Halloween, according to Delish.

The account holder of Instagram account @i_need_a_snack, however, got ahold of some samples, writing, “Each gummy has that classic fruity, citrus/tartish taste to it that you know and love from the cereal followed by the light sour kick from the sugary sour citric acid powder that coats the outside of each gummy! Now there isn’t a difference in taste with the different colored gummies, they all have the same original Froot Loop flavor which is DELICIOUS!”

So, although most of us will have to wait seven whole months to sample the cereal chews, it’s good to know what to expect. It also looks like Froot Loops gummies will be available in 4- to 7-ounce bags for about $2-$4. 

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