Watch This Hysterical Supercut of Actors Saying the Title of a Movie in the Movie

Saying the title of a movie in the middle of the movie is a bit like an EDM bass drop: effective only when precisely timed, and mostly only when used the one time. There are exceptions to the rule of course -- like how The Godfather makes no bones about making it clear, over and over again, who Vito Corleone is and what his relationships are to the characters around him -- but mostly scripts only get one shot at getting this right, whether its Gregory Peck perfectly summing up the theme of To Kill a Mockingbird or Will Smith effectively asking his audience, "What, we some kind of Suicide Squad?" 

A new supercut montage of 150 films where this occurs, either gracefully or ham-fistedly, has hit the internet courtesy of Vimeo user Roman Holiday. Taken out of context, the effect of watching all these actors jaw through the titles of their films is pretty freaking funny and, at least in some cases, will remind you of the reasons you loved these flicks in the first place, or loved to laugh at them.

"I'm not the first guy to tackle a collection of films where a character says the title of the film," Roman Holiday, who otherwise goes by Matt, writes in the video's description. "We've had a bunch of recent movies do it though so I figured I'd give the most up to date and comprehensive version I can. All told there are a 150 examples."

There are some notable omissions, of course. My Thrillist colleagues pointed out all of the Lord of the Rings films are missing, as is Richard Attenborough's awesomely breathy delivery of the title of Steven Spielberg's greatest dinosaur movie: " Jurassic Park."

But Roman Holiday actually has an answer to that, detailed in the video's comments section. "I wanted to avoid using titles that were simply character or location names that get said dozens of times in the film," he wrote. "Although I did make an exception for Chinatown so if I hadn't been so keen on stopping at 150 films I might've let Jurassic Park get in."

His montage is pretty perfect as it stands though. You might even call it As Good As It Gets.

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Eric Vilas-Boas is a writer and editor at Thrillist. Follow him @e_vb_.