People Are Sharing Their Tax Day Frustrations and It's Hilarious

funny tax day memes 2018
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At any given time, there are only a handful of things that can truly unite the country. This week, it's yodeling kids, Beyoncé, and hating taxes. Tax Day is a time of hand-wringing and misery, even if some people might be to blame for their own misery. Not even a bunch free food on Tax Day can make the stress headache subside if you've waited until the last minute. 

If you're looking for any excuse to avoid your taxes and the dishes are done and you've prepped meals for the next six weeks, there's plenty of commiseration on social media. Whether they're looking for a distraction or complaining about how long their taxes took, people are voicing their frustration about the process. (Even adults who still ask their parents for help are complaining.)

Since misery loves company, here are a few of the best Tax Day tweets.

It turns out taxes aren't a #NuggsForCarter situation. 

This is a good plan if you feel like you need to sit in silence for a while because you definitely won't feel like making any noise during A Quiet Place.

Okay. Time to get back start your spring garden or fix that broken faucet or finally learning how to roast a chicken. You know, whatever you're doing instead of finishing your taxes.

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