Nintendo Just Hinted at a Game Boy Classic Mini

Like the NES Classic before it, the SNES Classic has been frustratingly difficult to get ahold of. It has been selling out almost instantly every time stores get it back in stock. Nonetheless, the popularity of both consoles has led to more than a little speculating that Nintendo could continue to release retro consoles.

As noted by BGR, a Japanese trademark Twitter bot published what appears to be a Game Boy filing from Nintendo. Though, the filing doesn't cover a Game Boy Classic specifically. It's broader, covering a variety of merchandising options, including "home video game machines" and "portable electronic game machines," which has raised eyebrows about the company possibly resurrecting the portable device first released in 1989. With the success of other consoles, there has been a lot of speculation about whether Nintendo may release a Game Boy Classic or a Nintendo 64 Classic. (There were trademarks in July that fueled the N64 Classic dreams.)

Importantly, Nintendo hasn't even hinted at the possibility of either. Though that doesn't mean it won't happen, and it won't stop people from looking for the slightest hint that these could be in the pipeline.

Currently, Nintendo is still putting out the SNES Classic. After it stopped producing the NES Classic in April, it announced there would be more SNES Classics coming out and next summer it will resume production of the NES Classic for a limited time. If there's any truth to speculation about a Game Boy Classic or an N64 Classic, it's unlikely it would hit shelves until after the next round of NES Classics is released in summer 2018.

If it happens, it may need instructions for kids who might struggle with its lack of touchscreen.

[h/t BGR]

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