Watch This Guy Carve a Crazy-Realistic Night's King Replica out of Watermelon

Although the White Walkers have long been an ever-growing threat to the battling people of Westeros, the latest season of Game of Thrones brought us a startlingly close look at the leader of the dead army, the Night's King. But now, thanks to a YouTube user with some Arya Stark-level carving -- or needling -- skills, you're about to see the Night's King unlike ever before: carved out of a freaking watermelon.

As seen in the 3-minute time-lapse video above, a man named Valeriano Fatica uses a variety of carving tools to painstakingly transform an ordinary watermelon into an extremely realistic bust of the menacing character. Fatica, who is known for his elaborate fruit and vegetable carvings on YouTube, says the project took him about 18 hours to complete, which should come as no surprise given the sculpture's insane level of detail.

He even manages to capture the King's piercing and terrifying gaze... with fruit. The end product is legitimately creepy and serves as a startling reminder that "winter is coming." Or maybe watermelon is coming? (OK, we'll show ourselves out now.)

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