The Most Hilarious Reactions From the Surprising 'Game of Thrones' Finale

The end of Game of Thrones means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some have found the final season to be frustrating and rushed. Others feel emotional about the conclusion of a show they've watched and pondered zealously...

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The end of Game of Thrones means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some have found the final season to be frustrating and rushed. Others feel emotional about the conclusion of a show they've watched and theorized over for more than eight years. 

Whatever feelings you have, the final episode of Game of Thrones arrived regardless (though you can still look forward to The Last Watch and the prequel(s)). The show has been inescapable in its final season, and the big finish wasn't any different. You have to feel for anyone who doesn't give a rip about the show and tried to use any form of social media while the show was airing.

To help you digest the end of a massive, sprawling story, we've collected some of the funniest reactions to the finale and its stray water bottles below. 

Upset or not about how the final season has gone, fans struggled with the realization that the last episode ever was coming for them Sunday night. 

As Tyrion walked through the ruins of King's Landing in the episode's opening moments, he passed a cracked bell in the street. It was a clear reference to the prior episode, titled "The Bells" and the destroyed opportunity for peace those bells of surrender represented. 

People were pretty sure it looked a hell of a lot like the Liberty Bell. Though, the memory of that might have been quickly wiped away by the tear-jerking scene that followed as Tyrion looked for the bodies of Jaime and Cersei. 

It wasn't just Grey Worm. There was enough frustration with Jon Snow to go around, especially early in the episode when he made excuses for Daenerys to Tyrion and Arya. 

Also, King's Landing was a disgusting mess in the wake of Daenerys going berserk.

The frustration with Jon morphed pretty quickly once he killed Daenerys, making her the winner of the Westerosi prize for the shortest reign in the history of the Seven Kingdoms. It really pissed off Drogon, who finally did what Daenerys couldn't, and broke the wheel.

It wasn't just the flakes of human ash that made the city a disaster. Daenerys' hours-long reign, Jon's imprisonment, Bran being named king after Samwell Tarly got tarred and feathered for suggesting democracy in Westeros -- there was a lot going on.

Before Bran got the crown he didn't want but knew was coming, Samwell proposed democracy as a possibility. His proposal was met with guffaws both in Westeros and on Twitter. 

As Bran was being named king, fans couldn't help notice the return of a few familiar faces like Edmure Tully and Robyn Arryn.

That was also the scene where we got The Starbucks Cup Part Deux. There were a couple of stray water bottles left out during the filming of the scene and viewers noticed

Meanwhile, in the newly peaceful King's Landing, Brienne became head of the King's Guard. It was her duty, then, to finish the history of the last person in her role. So, she wrote the history of Jaime Lannister, the man who slept with her and then took off as though nothing had happened. It was easily one of the episode's most memeable moments. 

The only moment late in the episode that could compete for being a readymade meme was Samwell handing Tyrion a book called A Song of Ice and Fire. You know, like the actual books!

It was the show's "Welcome to Jurrasic Park" moment.

And, importantly, after much hand-wringing, Jon finally gave Ghost a little scratch behind the ears. Good boy, Ghost. 

And that's it. No more new episodes of Game of Thrones

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