Google's New iPhone Search Feature Makes Texting Way Easier

No more moving between apps to find the address of that restaurant you've been meaning to try. No more scrolling through emojis to find the one that perfectly sums up your complex emotion (eggplant). The "Gboard" has you covered. 

Google just released "Gboard" for iOS, which means iPhone users need never jump between a text message and their Google search app again, as both are now welded seamlessly together. With the new Gboard app, a Google button will live in your iPhone keyboard, allowing you to search anything from inside iMessage.  

Check it out:

You can search for all the random information you would normally copy and paste off Google, and also search for gifs and emojis, which is the feature you'll likely use most often, to be honest.

All in all it seems pretty handy, and cuts down on at least a few seconds of your texting time. Maybe you can use those few seconds to, you know, actually talk to people in the real world. Just an idea. 

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