Watch These Badass Geese Chase an Alligator Off a Golf Course

For being terrifying pseudo-dinosaurs that are not here to play, alligators have a strange fondness for golf courses. Just last week a video circulated of a monster gator trundling along the green, as if it weren't a prehistoric horror. And while seeing the massive reptile was certainly scary for the golfers that day, there would've been no reason to fear had a few geese been present. 

As you can see in the video above, alligators want no part in a conflict with geese. The bizarre footage was taken by Ryan Witkowski on a sunny Sunday at Christie’s Critters Golf Invitational in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

The golfers were driving across the course in a golf cart when they came upon the unholy parade. You can hear the honking get increasingly aggressive as the geese near the gator. One particularly feisty bird seems about to step on its tail, but the short clip ends with the gator still fleeing, and the geese showing no signs of backing down. 

Is this a Marxist allegory? Were they actually following the gator? Or is this viral marketing for a new Disney movie? It's up to you to decide, but we're pretty sure you've never seen anything like quite it.


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