How Much Money Women Make Compared to Men, in One Chart

The fact that women make less money than men is a sad truth about the American workforce. Judging by most statistics, women make just 80% of the median male salary, an issue that’s being discussed online today in honor of Equal Pay Day.

And nothing drives home an unsettling statistic like a visualization, which is why OverFlow Data’s project depicting the gender pay gap feels like a punch in the gut. Using one-year estimates on reported wages from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, the chart finds the median salary for women to be, well, you guessed it, 80% of their male counterparts.

There are different variables at play, including hours worked per week, weeks worked per year and different age and regional criteria, which means the data skews along various lines. But the median reported wages of men and women who’ve remained employed over the last year hems to the 80% figure, as men earn $50,000 while women take home $40,000.

The regional concept is an important one, as some states maintain a higher degree of pay equality than others. The American Association of University Women listed all 50 states according to their pay gap percentages. Using Census data, the AAUW found that New York State offers the most equal playing field, with women making 89% on the dollar with men. Wyoming is the worst, with females earning a piddling 64% of men’s wages.

While there might be every reason to fume, don’t let the disheartening figures get you down. Lifehacker has put together a useful list of what you can do to fight the pay gap, and here's another friendly reminder: Calling your elected representatives can be pretty damn effective

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