This Map Shows The Most Searched For Holiday Recipes in All Fifty States

General Mills
General Mills

The holidays are rife with traditional foods and the knowledge that gaining weight right before January 1 fits conveniently with most New Year’s resolutions. But what holiday dishes are Americans most infatuated with? The good folks at General Mills compiled holiday recipe search data from its Betty Crocker and Pillsbury websites, designing this map for your gluttonous pleasure.

So where does your state fall on the holiday food map? If you’re an Iowan, you’re pretty down with sports bar fare, so you eat Sliders with grandma instead of going to Buffalo Wild Wings with your pals. Connecticut keeps it zany with searches for Monkey Bread, which is neither composed of monkeys or prepared by them. Tennessee likes sausage balls -- not meatballs, you fool -- North Carolina keeps it American by searching for good ole' apple pie, and California likes to eat Caldo de Res (Mexican beef soup) next to the Christmas tree or Menorah or whatever symbol or non-symbol best crystallizes the holidays for you and your kin.

If you want see how your state stacked up, take a gander at the map below, then check out the full list of states.

General Mills

  • Alabama:  Crescent Recipes

  • Alaska:  banana bread

  • Arizona: flan

  •  Arkansas: cider

  • California: caldo de res

  • Colorado: ensalada de manzana

  • Connecticut: monkey bread

  • Delaware: gingerbread cookies

  • District of Columbia: peanut butter cookies

  • Florida: flan

  • Georgia: pan dulce

  • Hawaii: guacamole

  • Idaho: coleslaw

  • Illinois: hot chocolate

  • Indiana: french toast

  • Iowa: slider

  • Kansas: pinwheels

  • Kentucky: dumplings

  • Louisiana: shrimp appetizers

  • Maine: chowder

  • Maryland: crab cake

  • Massachusetts: cinnamon french toast bake

  • Michigan: sugar cookies

  • ​​​​​​​ Minnesota: christmas cookies

  •  Mississippi: deviled eggs

  •  Missouri: pinwheels

  • Montana: cake mix cookies

  • Nebraska: grands!® monkey bread

  • Nevada: sopa de res

  • New Hampshire: monkey bread

  • New Jersey: peanut butter cookies

  • New Mexico: fudge

  • New York: peanut butter cookies

  • ​​​​​​​North Dakota: pinwheels

  • North Carolina: apple pie

  • Ohio: buckeyes

  • Oklahoma: cinnamon rolls

  • Oregon: chocolate chip cookies

  • Pennsylvania: crab cake

  • Rhode Island: apple pie

  • South Carolina: breakfast casserole

  • South Dakota: ham

  • Tennessee: sausage balls

  • Texas: sopa de res

  • Utah: crepes

  • Vermont: peanut butter balls

  • Virginia: peanut butter cookies

  • Washington: sugar cookies

  • West Virginia: buffalo chicken dip

  • Wisconsin: taco dip

  • Wyoming: jalapeno popper

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