This Genius is Playing Pokemon Go With a Drone

Pokemon Go Drone
Tumblr | Perchbird

Pokémon Go hasn't even been out a week and it's become so popular that it's had outages and inspired boatloads of dank memes. The game asks users to walk around the real world discovering Pokémon in their neighborhood, so it's naturally inspired users to innovate and find ways to not leave their house in the quest to catch them all. 

Take, for instance, Liam aka Tumblr user Perchbird, who has duct taped his phone to a drone, leaving him free to enjoy the comfort of his backyard while a Phantom 3 Drone cruises around scooping up Pokémon. He shared the photos of his rigged up drone on Tumblr with the caption "I'm a cheater."  

The self-proclaimed cheater says that he hasn't actually had all that much success with the drone method, largely because there aren't many Pokémon in his backyard.

He's using the iPhone app AirDroid, which links his phone screen to a laptop and allows him to interact with the flying phone. However, he's had limited success, since the range the drone is able to travel to find Pokémon is limited by the reach of his wi-fi network. Still, duct taping a phone to a drone is a damn clever way to hunt Pokémon.

Pokemon Go drone
Tumblr | Perchbird

"I ended up setting this all up, with my phone on the drone, my laptop viewing my phone screen, and a tablet I had to view the drone’s flight info," he says. "I probably wouldn’t try it again, as I think my phone causes issues with the Phantom’s compass." Other users of the Phantom 3 have reported similar issues when sending the drone up with a phone attached.

It's possible to play the game on a data plan and not on wi-fi, which he says could extend the range of his hunt to 1,500 feet away. But the data made the connection a little too choppy to hunt with the ferocity of the Predator.

Liam's "cheat" isn't working well enough for fellow Pokémon Go-ers to fret, yet. But it's only been a few days. It can't be too long before someone figures out a way to use a drone to do some serious Pokémon hunting and really freak out the neighbors at the same time. 

Pokemon Go Drone
Tumblr | Perchbird
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