This Hero Got So Fed Up With His Commute That He Started Swimming to Work

Like so many aspects of big city life, a long and frustrating commute is just something you end up tolerating in exchange for living in a place you love. But occasionally there comes a breaking point, when you just can't handle the never-ending gridlock and either switch jobs, move, or -- if you're like Benjamin David of Munich, Germany -- you decide to swap your car for a bathing suit, and start swimming to work.

Fed up with bumper-to-bumper traffic during rush hour, David didn't simply opt for a more conventional commuting alternative like, say, a bicycle. No, he quite literally went all-in, and discovered that swimming to the office via Munich's Isar River was not only more relaxing, but indeed faster.

As David told the BBC, which followed him on his daily ritual, he stuffs his work gear (and a towel) into a waterproof floating bladder, and tows it alongside his body as he makes the 1.2-mile voyage in his swim trunks. Occasionally, he'll even pick up a cappuccino at a cafe near the spot that he exits the river. He says his colleagues usually him a little grin when they see him arrive all wet, but he's also managed to convince a few of them to start swimming with him. 

Of course, Munich's weather isn't ideal for swimming year-round, but that doesn't stop David. He keeps tabs on the river temperature online, and opts for wetsuits during the winter to stay comfortable. He also straps on sandals while in the water, because like any river that winds through a busy city, the bottom can get mucked up with broken glass and plenty of other gunk that'll cut up your feet. 

Let this hero's creativity serve as inspiration next time you find yourself stuck behind the wheel zoning out to drive time radio, and imagine all the other, much better ways you could get yourself home. 


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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. Follow him @jwmcgauley.