Now There's a Star Trek Cruise, and You Can Win a Free Trip on It

Published On 10/22/2015 Published On 10/22/2015
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The first ever Star Trek cruise is beaming off on January 9, 2017 -- no need to wait until the 23rd Century. Actually, there is a bit of a wait, as Trekkies everywhere bought up all the tickets for the maiden voyage within two months. But a spot just opened up, and you don't even have to bust out your best Spock impression to earn it. 

Norwegian Cruise Line is giving away the last available cabin on its 50th Anniversary Star Trek Cruise to one lucky winner, and all you have to do is enter to win and then wait with Vulcan spread fingers for the winner to be announced on October 1, 2016. And yes, Caption Kirk will be there as the unofficial captain of the ship.

William Shatner will be joined by a number of Star Trek cast members, and everyone on board will be treated to themed activities like Trek trivia, Q&A seminars, and interviews. Quark’s Bar, Ten Forward Bar, and the 602 Club will also be recreated on the ship. No word on if replicators make the food and drink, however.

With all the potential for nerding out on board, the actual cruise destinations aren't that important, but for those who care to go where lots of people have gone before, the itinerary takes the cruise from Miami to hitting Cozumel, Mexico and then the Bahamas.

All that's left to say is live long and prosper. Oh, and go enter the contest. 

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