You Can Get Paid $1,000 Just to Watch 'Shark Week'

Look, you were going to watch all week anyhow.

paid to watch shark week

Like Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, we've known Shark Week since 1988. Though, Roger Rabbit isn't the longest-running cable TV programming event in history. Even if it's not on your boat's radar, Shark Week remains an immensely popular event with more than 34 million people submerging themselves in 2018.

If you never miss Shark Week, you might get lucky and wind up making money while you watch this year. USDirect, a DirectTV dealer, is offering someone $1,000 and perks to watch all of Shark Week when it starts on August 9. The gig is similar to promotions run by other companies over the last year, paying people to watch movies or shows they already like.

If you don't mind handing over your email address and posting about the experience on social media, you could earn $1,000, a pile of snacks, "shark swag," and free access to all of the Shark Week shows. The application is pretty straightforward. It asks for some personal information and gives you the option of making a video about why this is your dream gig. You've got until 5pm MST on July 27 to make your case. 

Unlike watching a movie or something a little more confined, Shark Week will require you to watch a lot of TV to get your $1,000. It's not exactly a 40-hour week, but it's certianly not nothing. You'll also have a few tasks like post your favorite new shark fact of the day on your favorite social media account. Part of the gig will also have you ranking each new Shark Week show by "Most entertaining," "Most informative," "Most fearsome," and "Most surprising." It's really best suited to a shark lover who is planning on watching anyhow.

Brush off your Mako facts, quote a couple of LL Cool J lines from Deep Blue Sea, and get your aquarium-themed living room ready. 

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Dustin Nelson is a Senior Staff Writer at Thrillist. Follow him @dlukenelson.