25 People Will Get Paid $1,000 to Watch Christmas Movies This Month

EduBirdie is looking to hire some Christmas Moodcatchers.

EduBirdie is looking to pay 25 people to help them (and us) catch the spirit of Christmas. The company is hiring 25 "Christmas zealots" (in a fun way, not a “War on Christmas” way) to be Christmas Moodcatchers.

Your task as a Moodcatcher is to join one of EduBirdie's five research groups: Home Aloners, Cookie Guards, Heartgivers, Grinch Hunters, and Luck Elves. Home Aloners will be tasked with watching a Christmas movie every day for two weeks. Cookie Guards will need to taste food each day provided by EduBirdie that is considered to be an iconic Christmas snack. The Heartgivers will need to listen to some lovey-dovey Christmas music for 30 minutes a day with a person of their choice.

Grinch Hunters have one of the cushiest roles. All you have to do is receive a present each day and then report back to EduBirdie with their thoughts on the small gift. Luck Elves will have the most abundant list of tasks—they've got to do all of the tasks above for the entire duration of the Moodcatcher contract.

All 25 Moodcatchers will work for exactly two weeks, starting on December 26. In addition to the gifts and treats you receive for your role, each Moodcatcher will receive $1,000 in cash. If that's not enough to get you into a jolly mood, I don't know what is.

To apply, fill out this application on the EduBirdie website.

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