Get Paid $2,000 to Watch 'House of the Dragon' & 'Rings of Power'

US Dish is paying someone to rank the big fantasy shows on TV right now.

paid to watch house of the dragon

We spent years following the finale of Game of Thrones reading articles and interviews about what would be the next Game of Thrones. Little did we know that the next Game of Thrones would just be Game of Thrones.

With the release of House of the Dragon and Rings of Power this fall, not to mention more of the Witcher and Wheel of Time on the way, there are plenty of fantasy shows out to get lost inside. US Dish is trotting out one of its "dream job" postings where it will pay you to watch some shows.

It will pay someone $2,000 to watch 40 hours of fantasy TV. The selected individual will have 40 days to complete their arduous task of watching shows they were probably watching already.

If you feel this is the side hustle for your October, you can apply until 12 pm MT on October 21. You must write 100 words about why you’re the perfect person to be transported to a fantasy realm. You can also send in a video as part of the application if you want to show that you're a go-getter.

Your task is to rank Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, Rings of Power, and The Witcher. You are also asked to suggest a better ending for the infamous finale of Game of Thrones. For your troubles, you’ll get $2,000 and a box of swag valued at $350. Not bad for sitting around watching some good TV.

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