Getting Off Once a Day Can Prevent Cancer

If you're a dude, enjoy having sex and/or masturbating frequently, congratulations! You might actually be preventing your future self from getting cancer. While you probably don't need someone to tell you that sex and masturbating are generally good for your health, scientists have discovered what could be another significant benefit to getting off, and getting off often.  

A Harvard Medical School study from back in May -- that has suddenly been thrust back into the news -- suggests that getting off once a day could significantly lower a man's likelihood of developing prostate cancer, regardless of whether it happens during sex, certain manual labor (wink), or even nocturnal emission (yes, that happens). Basically, something that you're probably -- OK, definitely -- already doing, one way or another, could be extremely beneficial to your health. Go ahead, give yourself a high five.

The study found that participants who busted a nut (that's not the scientific term) an average of 21 times or more per month reduced the risk of developing prostate cancer by 22%. As Dr. Jennifer Rider of Harvard Medical School explained in a statement, it was the largest study to look at the link between sexual activity and prostate cancer, involving nearly 32,000 men. 

"While these data are the most compelling to date on the potential benefit of ejaculation on prostate cancer development, they are observational data and should be interpreted somewhat cautiously," Rider said back in May. "At the same time, given the lack of modifiable risk factors for prostate cancer, the results of this study are particularly encouraging."

Well, that's certainly something to get excited about, guys. 

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