Freaky Video Shows a Ghost Wandering Around a Gas Station, Maybe

Ghosts love hijinx. Just look at Casper or that little girl in The Ring. Ghosts love a good time!

The City Pages highlighted one such fun-loving ghost having a romp in Rosedale, Minnesota. The video shows a gas station getting a visit from a spectral figure that scares the crap out of an employee and knocks chips off a shelf because it feels good to be bad. The CCTV footage was posted by an account with just this one video uploaded. 

A source told the alt-weekly that "the guy in the footage called his employer and quit that night." The source's friend works at the gas station. "When my friend showed up in the morning to open the store, he had a huge mess to clean up," the source continues. "He went through the security footage expecting to see his coworker tearing up the store and saw this."

In the video, an invisible force doesn't dig the gas station's chip selection and knocks a few bags off the shelf, then opens a fridge door. Also, a little later in the video, there's a human-like apparition that moves through the store.

In a comment on the video, the group Paranormal Minnesota suggests it will dig into the incident. At the time of publication, Thrillist had not received a response as to whether they have any theories about this picky chip-loving ghost. 

But there it is. Hard proof that... that... that someone posted a video of something weird in a gas station. Of course, this isn't likely to be anything more than an entertaining parnk either on the allegedly former employee or all of us. However, it's a solid prank that almost elevates itself to the level of these scary viral videos. Also, ghosts aren't real. Right? 


[h/t City Pages]

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