This Human-Sized Chicken Is Going to Give You Nightmares

Published On 03/20/2017 Published On 03/20/2017

Please meet the chicken that will haunt your nightmares for the next three weeks. Likely a direct descendant of Foghorn Leghorn, this Brahma rooster reportedly living in Kosovo is a damn monster. It's so big it looks more likely to be a human in a chicken suit having a laugh than an actual animal. The video of it was shared online and spread like wildfire after it hit Reddit. It was originally posted to a Facebook group for what appear to be poultry enthusiasts.

While the scale can be a bit hard to tell, it's a breed known for its size. A male Brahma can stand two feet tall and weigh up to 20 pounds, according to some estimates. You don't have to be a chickenologist to guess that this one might be an exception. It's a monster.  

Until about 90 years ago, the Brahma was the main meat chicken grown in the United States.

Other facts about this chicken include that it did 120 pull-ups at the 2016 NFL combine. It once ate a dog, just to prove a point about the food chain being fluid. This chicken's cheat day makes NFL linemen throw up just thinking about it. This chicken was originally cast as the lead in Iron Fist before they gave the gig to Finn Jones. This chicken is the reason the dinosaurs went extinct. When this chicken sits around the house, it sits around the house. 

h/t The Daily Dot

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