This $2,000, 45-Pound Cheeseburger Pizza Benefits Hurricane Florence Recovery

So often in this life, we're forced to choose between what we want to do and what we should do. But now and then there's an opportunity to do both at the same time. This is one of those times: As an upstanding citizen, you basically have no choice but to eat a 45-pound pizza.

Specifically, you have to eat this gargantuan cheeseburger pizza with proceeds donated to Hurricane Florence recovery in North Carolina. It comes via Champion Pizza in New York City and is 18-inches wide, 12-inches tall, weighs between 40 to 45 pounds, takes three hours to make, and costs a cool $2,000. About $500 covers the ingredients, which leaves $1,500 to go places that, according to a report by AM New York, include the Red Cross and Salvation Army, along with some local organizations. 

The pie serves 20 people (far fewer if you're ambitious) and features 15 pounds of Kobe beef, 10 pounds of cheese, plus layers and layers of lettuce tomato, sauce, and "special dough."US Weeklyreports that it takes four people just to get it into the oven.

You'll have to order at least three days ahead of time (it takes a bit to get the ingredients together). So far, they're selling at about three to five pizzas a week. CEO and Founder Hakki Akdeniz told AM New York he hopes to sell around 100 pies all told, which, excluding the cost of ingredients, would add up to $150,000 for charity. 

“Imagine you receive a pie that is 40 pounds, it’s like holy [expletive], how am I going to be able to eat all of this,” Joseph Guevara, general manager for Champion Pizza’s city locations told AM New York. “It’s one thing to order it, it’s another to receive the whole item.”

We believe in you, though. It's for a good cause.

h/t AM New York, US Weekly

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