This Monster Cobra Snuck Into a Home and You Should Never Open Your Windows Again

Well, this is horrifying. An unreasonably sized cobra has broken into a Malaysian home, and it's enough to make a sane person never open the windows or doors again.

In the video from the Batu Pahat District of Johor, a man films a cobra sneaking behind objects on his porch. The snake looks big from the start. Then it pokes its head out and no! Look how big its head is! Get out of here, snake! Don't go inside the house! Houses aren't for snakes!

The video uploaded to Facebook by Derrick YiFan, who can be heard swearing when the monstrous cobra begins to enter the apartment. 

Malaysia's The Star reports YiFan couldn't find the cobra inside his apartment. That might be even worse than seeing a cobra enter your apartment. Being forced to search your own home for a slithery nightmare sounds awful. YiFan reportedly called in the Fire and Rescue Department as well. They couldn't find the cobra either. 

A Facebook page called Viral Media Johor says the snake was later caught by local firefighters. That ought to make it a little easier to sleep in that apartment.

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