An Insane Feeding Frenzy Broke Out When He Tossed a Tuna in the Water

Two fishermen have ignited a feeding frenzy online and in the water. In the video they've shared, one holds a tuna over the water where a school of giant trevally circle, as though they know what's about to take place. 

The video refers to the fish as "giant piranhas," but the carnivorous fish are not related the famously toothy stars of Piranha 3D. Trevally are quite a bit larger, and as you see in the video they're fairly ferocious. The fishermen count to three and toss the tuna to the circling predators. It ignites a foamy feeding frenzy that adds a red hue to the water. 

The video was posted earlier in the year, but the internet works in mysterious ways. It caught on this week and has spread like crazy. It's easy to see why it has gone viral, though. As the fishermen laugh in surprise, the trevally make damn quick work of the tuna.

The apex predator usually hunts in schools like this in most of its habitats. Giant trevally are called "blitz-and-bump predators." It rushes on its prey and "stuns or kills it with a body slam."

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