Little Girl in Pew Proves the Macarena Should Be Performed at All Church Services

Whatever your views on religion, you'll agree that church services can get a little dry. We've been doing those moves -- the shaking of the hands, the eating of the wafer, the getting to the service late so you don't have to shake anyone's hand -- for thousands of years. So, like a club that's playing all eight minutes of Donna Summer's "I Feel Love," maybe it's time to switch it up. We humbly submit the following proposal: Integrate the Macarena into all church services.

The Martin Luther of the Dance Dance Reformation is a little girl, but she's clearly wise beyond her years. During the Sinner's Prayer, as folks around her raised their hands in supplication, and the words, "I invite you to fill me up to overflowing," were intoned, she laid her hands flat, then flipped them. She rested her hands upon her shoulders. She rotated her hips. She did the Macarena, by God.

What makes her a hero, however, is that she drew no attention to herself. She simply did the Macarena. It's lucky for us, for humanity, that Christian Suddreth was there to film it and upload the video to YouTube and Twitter, where it currently has over 100,000 retweets. Just think, all Jesus had was 12 apostles. 

Truly, the meek shall inherit the Earth.

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