Girl Gets Head Stuck in Pumpkin in Nightmarish Halloween Home Movie

Published On 10/27/2016 Published On 10/27/2016

It begins like any innocuous home video: Children are excited to carve their comically oversized pumpkins, and gleefully perform for the camera, which is held by their mother. Then, the otherwise tranquil evening morphs into something grim, a scene not unlike an episode of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror.

The oldest daughter -- named Rachel -- goes full-headless horseman, dipping her head into her large, hollowed gourd. But after hamming it up like the cool older sister she is, Rachel finds the pumpkin stays clasped like an evil force subsuming her spirit.

OK, it’s not exactly THAT horrifying, but the enormous pumpkin stays lodged on her head for quite a while, forcing her dad to even ruminate on calling the fire department for help. But lingering beneath this tragicomedy is the mother’s great awareness of the situation’s humor, including the video’s potential for viral #content. “This is going on Facebook for sure!” she exclaims, while Rachel fights for freedom inside her new cranial enclosure.

Rachel was eventually set free -- as shown in a follow-up video -- although it’s unclear as to what extent how. It’s probable that the cursed pumpkin met a violent demise, though, because Halloween is a scary time for us all.

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