3-Year-Old Girl Gets Some Bad News, Walks to Bar and Orders Glass of Milk

shaken not stirred
Shaken not stirred. | Ben Anderson
Shaken not stirred. | Ben Anderson

It’s nine o'clock on a Saturday. The regular crowd shuffles in. There’s a young girl sitting right next to me, ordering a straight glass of milk

Three-year-old Myla Anderson was having a rough time last week at a hotel in Dubrovnik, Croatia, when her parents admitted they forgot to bring her milk to the pool. Luckily they were near a bar, so the resourceful tot walked up to the counter and asked for a bottle of milk. 

Her father Ben Anderson posted the video to Twitter, with the caption, “My daughter is actually something else.”

In the video she’s sitting with elbows on the table, pressing a fist to her mouth; It’s the look of idle displeasure of every solo drinker at the bar before happy hour. 

“We told her there was no milk in the baby bag," Anderson said in the tweet. “So she got out the pool and took herself to the bar to go and ask for some and the bar staff actually served her a glass."

Twitter, of course, got a kick out of the little girl's gumption:

Anderson later told Metro that a lady at the bar said she asked for the milk “very politely.” 

The bartender told the girl they didn’t have bottles, but she could surely have a glass. 

“A glass is fine,” she responded. Her father said the bartender was “so good with her.” The drink was also on the house and, even though she was served a sort of virgin cocktail, the bartender still had to help her off her stool.

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