A Girl Scout Just Broke the Cookie Sales Record with 32,484 Boxes Sold

Quite the little entrepreneur.

Courtesy of Girl Scout
Courtesy of Girl Scout

The normal, human way to eat Girl Scout cookies (especially, if we're talking Thin Mints) is to scarf down the entire box in one sitting. And it seems like everyone agrees because a single troop member managed to smash the record for sales this year—racking up 32,484 purchases alone.

Brownie Lilly, 8, of San Bernardino, California, blew previous competitors out of the water with her strategic sales tactics, which reportedly included her dedication to donating cookies to charity, online sales, and the hours spent posted up in front of her own house, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

Her backstory—as a child, she battled the rare cancer Ewing's sarcoma—was a driving force behind the young entrepreneur's commitment to charity. Raising money through Girl Scout cookies was merely another way for her to tap into that passion. 

"When I told her at the beginning of the season how tough it would be to sell this year, she told me, 'Nothing is impossible if everybody chose to make it possible,'" Lilly's mom, Trish Bauer, told the outlet. "A lot of people approached us saying we must have gotten big businesses or sponsors to buy from us, or big donations… The biggest order placed was 100 boxes. Lilly reached 32,000 boxes out of everyone seeing value in buying one box, two boxes, four boxes, and everybody working together to try to be a small piece of a really big puzzle."

She was also motivated by the previous record. In fact, so much so that when she found out it was higher than expected (26,086 boxes to be exact), Lilly decided to ramp things up a notch. 

"She sold her freaking heart out till the last day," Bauer added. "We boothed 11 hours straight outside our house and sold 500 boxes in one day. It's Lilly being Lilly. She does not like somebody telling her something is not possible."

A whopping 5,200 of the boxes sold will be donated to hospitals, the homeless, and troops overseas, as well. 

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.