Little Girl's New Cat Immediately Poops on Her, Chaos Ensues

Owning a pet is a responsibility not to be taken on lightly. Those first moments of bonding between pet and owner can be as profound as those between a parent and a child, and when they go wrong, the result can be existentially shattering for both parties. It's possible that it's never gone as wrong as in the video above.

What you're watching is the star-crossed meeting between a little girl and her new cat -- and 18 seconds of near-cosmic horror. This girl's name is Elyse, and it appears that she was given the important task of keeping the just-adopted cat on her lap during its first ride home. 

That's when things took a turn, by which we mean the cat released a prodigious amount of fecal matter onto her shirt. Elyse was not pleased. Most of the video is her shrieking as one adult laughs and the other tries to calm her down. She requests of the cat, "Stop crapping on me!"

It seems like a reasonable request, but that cat seems to have made its peace with its actions and stoically sits on Elyse's legs for the remainder of the video. Since the video starts in medias res, we'll never know how those piles got so far up her shirt.

This fated meeting took place in Perham, Minnesota on Sunday, a day that surely live on in infamy. If it's any comfort, there's nowhere in their relation to go from here but up.


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