This Craft Beer Advent Calendar Will Get You Through the Holidays

A new beer every day. Hard to argue with that.

beer advent calendar
Courtesy of Give Them Beer
Courtesy of Give Them Beer

Advent calendars might evoke memories of little milk chocolate bites in barely recognizable shapes hiding behind tiny cardboard doors. The world of advent calendars has expanded greatly, and there are well-packaged calendars for just about anything you want.

One popular annual calendar offers 12 cans of craft beer for the holidays. Give Them Beer packs its cardboard boxes with an enviable selection of beers that will put a variety of styles and breweries at your fingertips. Though, this year, Give Them Beer is expanding well beyond that annual, sudsy tradition.

This year, you’ll also find an advent calendar packed exclusively with IPAs, one with whiskies, and another loaded with hard seltzers, the latter of which has been around for a few years. Those might the most appealing selections from the company, but it holds a total of 13 calendars.

In years past, the calendar has featured beers from craft breweries (or former craft breweries that were purchased by big beer) like Stone, Founders, Bell's, Oskar Blues, Cigar City, and others. The 2021 edition featured about half IPAs, as well as an imperial stout, a trippel, a gose, and other styles.

The IPA calendar isn’t ruining all the surprises for this year, either, but advertises the inclusion of Cigar City’s Jai Alai IPA, BrewDog’s Elvis Juice, and Wicked Weed’s Loose Cannon. The whiskey calendar touts 24 small bottles from familiar names like Maker’s Mark, Four Roses, and Elijah Craig.

The classic craft beer calendar and IPA calendar cost $79 plus shipping. The whiskey edition is a little more expensive at $139. The whiskey calendar is a bit cheaper than the highly touted whiskey advent calendar from Flaviar, that features rare and hard-to-find whiskies over familiar labels. No matter what you choose, these calendars promise a welcome surprise each day when you crack one of their little cardboard doors open.

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