The Steepest Freefall Roller Coaster Drop in the Western U.S. Now Has an Opening Date

Defiance and its 102.3-degree freefall drop open in July.

glenwood caverns roller coaster
Courtesy of Glenwood Caverns

A roller coaster can't open without a pile of superlatives. It's an unwritten rule. Or, as they'd say at a theme park, it's the most unwritten rule. So, you know Defiance, a highly-anticipated new roller coaster at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, is carrying at least a couple. 

The park, located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, has just announced that the coaster will open to the public on July 9. That's when you'll be able to ride the—here come the superlatives—highest looping roller coaster in the US, which also has the steepest freefall drop in the western US.

The ride is short, lasting just 56 seconds. So, the ride-to-wait time ratio is going to be quite lopsided. Nonetheless, it aims to provide a one-of-a-kind experience. Once you've completed the 75-foot vertical climb to the top of the coaster, you'll experience a 102.3-degree, 110-foot gravity-driven, freefall drop.

With the park situated in the mountains at an elevation 7,160 feet, according to the park, that drop might feel even steeper. The unique setting makes for a view you're unlikely to find on many theme park rides. If you're ready for the freefall, the coaster starts welcoming thrill-seekers on July 9.

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