Man Engineers Ingenious 'Glitter Bomb' Trap to Punish Package Thieves

If you've ever been the victim of a brazen package thief, you know what it feels like to want to get sweet, sweet revenge on the jerk who ran off with your Cyber Monday haul. The nerve! Sure, you could try to freak them out by yelling through your doorbell camera. Or, you could go all out and devise an elaborate trap that douses any would-be sticky-fingered scumbags in glitter and fart spray -- like one man did to prevent people from snatching boxes from his front porch. 

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober, who's made a name for himself building exceedingly complex versions of everyday items like Super Soakers and dart boards, decided to put his talents to use to exact revenge on anyone who dared try and steal another package from his doorway. Specifically, he spent six months turning an Apple HomePod box into a sophisticated reusable "glitter bomb" that sprays a bunch of glitter whenever someone tries to open it, while also releasing periodic bursts of fart spray to make the whole experience truly repulsive. Even better, he rigged the whole thing with cameras pointed in every direction so that he could record the thieves' reactions.

You'll want to watch the whole video (posted above) to truly appreciate how amazingly engineered this thing is (for example, the package is GPS enabled for easy retrieval when the thieves imminently ditch it). It's also cathartic to see the jerks get a surprise spray of pesky glitter all over themselves, their cars, and their homes. 

Consider it an early Christmas present, delivering a little bit of justice to all the bah humbuggers out there. 

UPDATE 12/21: After the video went viral, some eagle-eyed viewers noticed a few suspicious moments (particularly the thieves' reactions), and questioned its veracity. Gizmodo dug a bit deeper into the claims and discovered that Rober deleted a minute and a half of the original video and re-uploaded it. Apparently, some of the "thieves" caught on camera were actually acquaintances of the person helping Rober, something Rober claims he wasn't aware of, per an apology he tweeted on December 20. A bit of a bummer to learn that the whole thing is partially fake, but it's a brilliant idea nonetheless.

h/t 9to5Mac

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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. Follow him @jwmcgauley.
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