A Bunch of British People Got Totally Wrecked Chasing Cheese Down a Hill

The venerable tradition of English people chasing a wheel of cheese down a very steep hill is going strong. On Monday, the English county of Gloucestershire did what it does best: it hosted the Gloucester Cheese Roll, in which a large group of knaves throw themselves down Cooper's Hill in pursuit of a cheese wheel and, uh, glory. 

This year's event didn't disappoint, with large groups hoisting themselves down a steep incline in pursuit of a fast-traveling dairy product. It's actually quite a jaw-dropping sight: Participants pretty much fly down the hill, risking their limbs for the sake of our enjoyment on the internet. Video captured by Urban Pictures UK vividly shows the scene, with human rag dolls getting absolutely wrecked, some of whom needed medical attention. 

Although the cheese race isn't an official event anymore -- it was canceled by UK authorities in 2010 over public health concerns -- rebel contests still occur every year.  On Monday, a new record was set by reigning cheese king Chris Anderson, who claimed his 21st Double Gloucester. 

Anderson described how the race went down to reporters: “The kid next to me was pulling my shirt all the way down. I’ve got nothing to prove now, I’m happy. There was a bit more pressure this year as there were a few more locals running and as we saw one of them was a bit dirty.”

Congratulations Chris and congratulations England on its unwavering love of big ass cheese wheels. 

h/t [Deadspin]

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