This GNC Commercial Was Banned from the Super Bowl

Although plenty of brands -- Skittles, Mr. Clean, Wendy's, among others -- have already dropped their Super Bowl commercials on YouTube, it's safe to expect plenty more where that came from during the actual Super Bowl on Sunday. A new Super Bowl ad from GNC, however, was just banned from the broadcast and not because of its message or content. 

As a report by USA Today explains, FOX representatives informed the creatine and supplements purveyor on Monday afternoon that the NFL had rejected its Super Bowl commercial. The 30-second ad features actual GNC customers making changes in their lives, and is basically meant to symbolize big changes the company is making to its business. As you can see in the video (shown above), the commercial is actually kind of inspirational. The NFL rejected it, though, because some GNC products contain substances that are banned by football league, per the report.

As you can imagine, GNC execs aren't very happy about the decision, especially the short notice.

"So many people invested so much," Jeff Hennion, exec VP-chief marketing and e-commerce officer at GNC, told Ad Age. "We are extremely disappointed for all the people involved."

Instead of airing during the game, the commercial will ultimately debut on TV sometime after the Super Bowl, according to the report. Until then, you can check it out online, of course. 

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and hasn't been particularly impressed with the Super Bowl commercials he's seen so far this year. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.