Holy Sophia, 'Golden Girls' Clue Is a Real Thing

Golden Girls Clue
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For its surprisingly large legion of superfans, The Golden Girls is perfect. But even a superfan has to admit that a crossover episode with Murder She Wrote would have been amazing. Imagine the quartet of sassy retirees spending a weekend in Cabot Cover, murder capital of television America.

While it's not possible to Emmett Brown into history and make that happen, you can get pretty close with this soon-to-be-released Golden Girls edition of the board game Clue. Only, to make the game as Golden Girls-y as possible, the octogenarians aren't trying to solve a murder mystery. They're trying to figure out who ate the last piece of cheesecake.

Golden Girls Clue

Was it Blanche in Dorothy's bedroom wearing a bathrobe? Was it Rose in the lanai in her feathered slippers?

The board is a map of Blanche's house with six possible suspects -- the four stars plus Stan and Miles -- and the "weapons" used to eat the cheesecake include a feathered slipper, a Rattan chair, a bathrobe, lipstick, whipped cream, and Sophia's purse. It's serious stuff. 

Golden Girls Clue

You'll be able to schedule your first Golden Girls Clue tournament at the Golden Girls cafe when the game is released in June. Don't leave your Golden Girls action figures at home. 

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