This Brewery Is Delivering Beer & Adoptable Dogs to People's Doors

The RIGHT way to celebrate National Dog Day.

Courtesy of Golden Road Brewing

The whole coronavirus pandemic came as a surprise to us all, but now that we're pushing month six, we've sort of settled into this socially distanced lifestyle. And while we might not be baking as much sourdough as we once were, my two favorite quarantine trends have stood the test of these trying times: at-home happy hours and adopting dogs. 

And now, lucky drinkers in California can get both pups and booze delivered right to their doors. LA-based Golden Road Brewing is celebrating National Dog Day in the absolute best way -- by bringing its Hazy Pup IPA and adoptable dogs from Wags & Walks to customers. 

Between August 27 and August 29 from 12pm to 4pm, anyone that orders the brewery's Hazy Pup IPA in the LA area can get two six-packs delivered, a discount on future purchases, some swag (stickers, koozies, etc.), and 20 minutes of playtime with the rescue pups. 

Courtesy of Golden Road Brewing

Here's how that latter half works: A Wags & Walks volunteer will bring your beer along with two or three dogs or puppies. They'll set up a play area at your delivery location and you'll get some serious dog therapy. Of course, the hope is that your soft, mushy heart won't be able to part with one of the pups, but if you're just looking for some booze and dog-induced emotional support, that's cool too. 

Plus, buying the beer is charitable in of itself. A dollar will be donated per case sold to support Wags & Walks. "Hazy Pup IPA is the newest development in Golden Road’s long term relationship with Wags & Walks, having partnered with the rescue group on past events including Golden Road’s Made in LA music festival and 5k charity runs," Golden Road said on its website.

To book your puppy playtime, you'll wanna double check availability. Only certain LA neighborhoods are included -- and East Side, Mid City, and The Valley are all available on separate days. 

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.