Goldfish & Frank's RedHot Teamed Up for New Hot Sauce-Flavored Crackers

The snack and sauce collab of our dreams.

Courtesy of Goldfish
Courtesy of Goldfish

More times than not, food is just a vehicle to get a little Frank's RedHot in my system. I'll douse just about anything in the cayenne pepper-flavored favorite, and apparently, I'm not the only with the idea. Goldfish has officially partnered with Frank's RedHot to create its spiciest crackers yet. 

The hot sauce maker and snack purveyor have teamed up for a limited-edition flavor set to hit aisles beginning May 2021. The heat-forward crackers feature Frank's classic flavors with notes of vinegar and aged cayenne peppers for the perfect flavor balance. 

"We learned that adults are big fans of Goldfish and it’s an appetite we’ve never fully satisfied,” chief marketing officer for Campbell Snacks Janda Lukin said in a press release. “Hot’ is the #1 most requested Goldfish flavor across social, so we wanted to bring the heat with an unexpected partnership between Goldfish and Frank’s that fans will love." 

Courtesy of Goldfish

Told you. I'm not the only one with a non-stop craving for hot. But since it might still be a few weeks before they hit your local retailer, Goldfish is doing us all a solid and giving away some bags. Here's how it works: you'll need to hit up @GoldfishSmiles story on Instagram, download the AR filter provided, and take a pic on your own account. Tag the brand and cross your fingers. Winners will get a DM. 

"At Frank's we are always looking for new ways for our fans to enjoy our hot sauce. This limited-edition Goldfish flavor brings a spicy bite to a nostalgic everyday snack,” chief marketing officer for McCormick Jill Pratt added in the release. "We hope that consumers enjoy this partnership between our two iconic brands for a fun experience that is sure to wake up your taste buds."

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.