Today's Google Doodle Is a Super-Fun Halloween Game You Can Play With Friends


Google Doodles are objectively delightful. If you're not familiar with them (presumably because you don't use the internet, which makes it confusing that you're reading this), they're Google's playful, daily reinvention of its logo, often featuring elaborate animations and touching tributes to figures throughout history. Yes, history is important, but video games are fun, and Tuesday's Google Doodle is a festive video game (Google's hidden similar games before).

The Doodle is called Great Ghoul Duel, and it's more or less an arcade game. It's addicting, simple, and basically a slightly spooky fusion of Snake and Pac-Man. You play as a ghost that zips around collecting Spirit Flames, trying to collect more than the players you're competing against.

To play, just head over to the Google landing page, and click the play arrow. Once you're in there, you can watch a tutorial and get a link to send to your friends to play head-to-head (up to eight heads). 

Once you're playing, use the arrow keys to collect those flames and create a chain behind you (like in Snake). Then, bring them to your base and you can get bonuses like a speed boost. If you have the most flames, you win. If you don't, well at least you had fun.

h/t Mashable

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