Whoa: Google Now Warns You When Your Flight Comes With Extra Fees

Any remotely experienced adult understands that glistening discount airfare is often just a ploy to hawk hidden fees. Luckily, though, Google is here to battle that airline industry deception. The internet giant just released two new tools for its Google Flights feature that aim to alleviate the worst parts of flying Basic Economy on Delta, American, and United Airlines. 

When booking a cheaper fare with one of America's three largest carriers, Google will list the conveniences you'll be missing out on -- the ability to bring a carry-on bag, among others -- and what you'll have to pay extra for, down to the exact dollar amount: 

Airlines often bury the details, and it's pretty common to get slapped with a hefty fee after booking what's billed as a great deal. This way, you can ostensibly avoid all the up-charges that have a way of making you grit your teeth when there's no overhead bin space and you can't select your own seat. 

Additionally, Google will track the reasons why flights are delayed. Citing historical flight data, the company will use its machine learning software to monitor interrupted flight service and even provide the cause of delays, whether it's weather-related, a mechanical issue, or the like. The company says that "delays are only flagged when we’re at least 80% confident in the prediction."

Consumers are always subject to the whims of airlines and often have no recourse when slapped with extra dollar signs. Google's doing its best to make a crummy thing slightly less so. 

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