Google Just Changed Job Hunting In a Major Way

Job hunting sucks. The listings are scattered across the internet and various local papers like a sadistic scavenger hunt. And once you think you found a relevant listing, the link is just one in a series of 15 that will eventually lead you to information about how unqualified you are. 

Google wants to make your job hunt less painful. With Tuesday's launch of Google for Jobs, job hunting might become only a minor headache. The new AI will help employers and job seekers by collecting listings from across the web to make them easily accessible via search.

All you have to do is enter your job search into Google. You can get specific or enter broad searches like "jobs near me" or "food service jobs." Google will populate listings from sites like LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, Facebook, and elsewhere. It will also provide employer reviews and information on your commute time if you're logged in. 

Here's what you'll see when you enter a search such as "advertising jobs near me."

google for jobs
Google for Jobs Screengrab

If you click through at the bottom of that module, you'll open up a new page with full job descriptions and more options. 

google for jobs
Google for Jobs screengrab

Once you've searched, you're also able to sort by location, industry, date posted, and employer. The search will additionally offer quick links to sort through the bevy of information. Those links in bubbles at the top of the page will say things like "full-time," "past 3 days," and categories like "business operations."

You can even flip on alerts to be notified of relevant listings based on the current search.

While employers can't list jobs directly with Google, it does help job seekers cut down on the clutter by eliminating duplicate listings that will pop up on multiple sites.

Unfortunately, it won't help you iron interview clothes, and it can't tell you about that awkward eye contact you're practicing in the mirror.

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