Here's How to Get Your Address and Phone Number Removed from Google Search

Make sure a search of your name doesn't reveal all of your private information.

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The internet is an endless abyss, filled with everything from Parks and Recreation blooper compilation videos to Elon Musk's website Twitter. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of your personal data floating around as well. And while there's not much you can do about some of that; Google wants to help you get your most sensitive personal information off the internet.

In a blog post, the internet giant broke down how to keep your phone number and home address away from prying eyes online. You can now request the removal of personally identifiable information that appears in a Google Search. Not only can this shield your phone number and home address, but it can also protect you from doxxing and fraud.

Google can remove the information upon request. It is important to note that just because Google can remove information from its search engines and platforms does not mean it can be removed from the internet entirely.

"Maximizing access to information while empowering people to be in control of their sensitive, personally identifiable information is a critical balance to strike," the blog post states. "We believe these updates are an important step to deliver on that goal and give people the tools they need to protect their safety and privacy online."

You can request the removal of personal information through this link. Once Google receives it, your information will not automatically be removed. Instead, Google will evaluate the request. If the information you request to be removed is within this new Google policy, the company will go through with your request. For more information, you can visit Google's help page.

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