Google Made a Map Revealing the Most-Searched Pie in Every State

When was the first time you realized all states were not the same? For me, it was when a girl named Brie from sleepaway camp informed me that the phrase was "get in line" not "get on line" and that I was "super dumb." But, for others, it's when they confuse out-of-staters by offhandedly mentioning an obscure pie as if it has the recognition of a good ol' fashioned apple.

But what do I know? I'm a New Yorker. And therein lies our country's truth. All pies are not created equal in the eyes of The State, and Google just shared some serious proof. In honor of Pi Day on March 14 (get it? 3.14?), our favorite search engine took a look at the most uniquely searched pies in every state over the past year.

The results of the analysis were colorful, and while the apple and apple crumble pies were predictable Northeast favorites, a surprising winner emerged: strawberry rhubarb?! Move over, widely cultivated tree fruits -- the United States is bringing some tart MFs into the mix.

Some other contenders were the sweet potato pie and the buttermilk pie, which prevailed in the Southeastern region of the country (save for Florida, where a "sour orange pie" allegiance apparently runs deep). 

One more thing... Maybe I'm a dumb New Yorker, but the biggest surprises of the analysis seem to be that 1) anyone would Google tomato pie (I'm talking to you Delaware) and 2) that candy cane pie exists (you OK, Nevada?).

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.