Google Hid a Text Adventure Game in Search Results. Here's How to Find It.

If your home or office is prone to internet connection problems, then there's a good chance you're familiar with the addictive -- dare we say maddeningly difficult -- T-Rex game that Google hid in its Chrome browser. The company is known for hiding all manner of Easter eggs in its products over the years. Now, it looks like a new one has been discovered in Google Search results, and it's an addictive text adventure game.

Although it's unclear how long the Easter egg has been around, it was recently pointed out by Reddit user attempt_number_1, according to a report by Engadget. The text-based adventure game appears to work on Google in most internet browsers, but you'll have to search specific keywords in order for it to work. It's super simple, though.

How to Play Google's Hidden Text Adventure Game

1. Go to Google and search for either "text adventure" or "text game"
2. On the search results page, type Ctrl+Shift+J (for PC) or Cmd+Option+J (for Mac)
3. Type yes in the command line of the developer console that appears on the right
4. Read along, follow the prompts, and play via the command line from there
5. Realize you've been sucked into the game for an hour and get back to work

The game will take about half an hour to an hour to play all the way through, per the report. It follows G, the first letter of Google's name, on its quest across Google's huge Mountain View, California campus to find its friends, the other letters. You'll interact with objects in the game and even navigate between rooms with commands like "north," "south," "east," and "west," among others. Sure, it doesn't sound like the most thrilling game, but hey, it's an Easter egg and it's a distraction from everything else going in the world right now. We'll take it.

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