These Were the Most-Searched Recipes of the Year, According to Google

These are the most viral dishes of 2021.


It has been yet another unusual year. We kicked it off stuck inside, were sprung loose for the summer, and found ourselves largely back indoors by fall as a result. With all that time spent at home, folks were picking up a lot of new hobbies, doing a lot of cooking, and, accordingly, doing a lot of Googling. 

Google just released its annual Year in Search for 2021, and it turns out, people were trying a lot of new recipes.

In 2020, recipe searches were all about comfort. In 2021, recipe searches were focused on what's new and trendy. TikTok recipes were especially hot, according to Google's analytics. Of the many recipes from the app, it was TikTok Pasta—the viral dish that combined baked feta, roasted tomatoes, and pasta—that reigned supreme on the search engine.

Here are the 10 most-Googled recipes of 2021:

1. TikTok pasta
2. Bacon jam
3. Birria tacos
4. Crockpot chicken
5. Hamantaschen
6. Squid Game cookie
7. Baked oats
8. Cicada (Don't ask us, ask Google!)
9. Gigi Hadid pasta
10. Smashed potatoes

While this is a departure from 2020's rankings, which included mostly baked goods and bread—specifically sourdough—it still suggests that people were searching for comfort in the form of food. Carbs were king once again, but instead of bread, it was pasta.

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