Watch Gordon Ramsay Answer Twitter's Cooking Questions in His Own Sassy Way

Published On 02/28/2017 Published On 02/28/2017

Gordon Ramsay, man of wrinkled-forehead and steam-spouting ears, is famous for yelling at people in kitchens throughout the world. As the host of Kitchen Nightmares, Master Chef and other culinary programs, Ramsay helps people become real chefs and restaurateurs by verbally dressing them down. It works.

Now, the man is addressing the needs of hungry people on Twitter, as part of a video series produced by Wired.

Ramsay serves up some of his requisite sass, dishing up knowledge on the ideal methods for grating mozzarella and mincing garlic. (Note: The mozz should be placed in a freezer for ten minutes to firm it up prior to grating.) He also flings a few barbs in the direction of people who poke fun at the exercise, and expounds upon the meaning of “idiot sandwich.” 

In all seriousness, though, Gordon Ramsay is an absolute pro in the kitchen, and the quickness with which he responds to these questions shows the depths of his knowledge. He also happens to be a dank meme lord who was once stung by a jellyfish on his penis.

Just thought you should know.

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