People Can't Get Enough of Gordon Ramsay's American Breakfast Recipe

"The best breakfasts in the world are always in America," is not a sentence you expect to hear from toddler-berating celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. But here we are. Ramsay said it in a video he dropped over the weekend, which asserted the man knows his way around an American breakfast. 

Ramsay has many cooking tips (including other tips for making eggs), not to mention countless cooking shows, but this one was special. In just a couple days, it racked up nearly two million views. It's not hard to understand why once you give it a watch. 

Ramsay kicks things off by grating potatoes and onions for crunchy hash browns. They're well done, but no minds should be blown here. (Though, the tip about running butter down the side of the pan is worth jotting down.)

Ramsay steps things up from there. He cooks the eggs right on top of the latke-like hash brown. Then he tosses the whole skillet in the oven. While that's becoming delicious, he makes bacon with brown sugar, salt, butter, olive oil, and pepper. Clearly, this is a good idea, because bacon with a touch of sweetness is like manna.

Before you get disappointed that the Scotland-born Ramsay had to show us how to make an American breakfast, remember everyone who makes this recipe is a winner. 

[h/t Food52]

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