Gordon Ramsay Got Stung by a Jellyfish Right on the Dick

It seems like a lot of penises are being put in harm’s way these days: First, there’s that guy from Australia whose privates twice fell victim to a black widow, but before that, a Florida man’s phone exploded dangerously close to his junk.

It’s tense times out there, and not even Gordon Ramsay’s package is safe. The celebrity chef told the UK’s Daily Star that a jellyfish stung him right on the tip of his penis during a vacation in Italy, and “f*cking hell, it hurt.”

Although the method’s been debunked, jellyfish wounds have typically been treated with a common homeopathic cure -- peeing on the wound to relieve swelling and pain. That’s what Ramsay wanted to do, but being that the bite was on his penis, he didn’t really have any options. “I couldn't even wee on it. It left a real mark down there," he said.  

Anyone familiar with the celebrity chef’s cooking shows, namely Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen, is aware of his intensity and foul language. It’s quite plausible that Mr. Ramsay offered a nasty tirade or two after his willy got stung.