Gordon Ramsay Is Launching Hard Seltzers Inspired By Dishes From His Restaurants

The company is describing them as "unapologetically bold."

gordon ramsay hard seltzer
Image courtesy of Hell's Seltzer
Image courtesy of Hell's Seltzer

Things that may look like a colossal mismatch on the surface often wind up pairing nicely. So, maybe Gordon Ramsay and hard seltzer will be a match made in heaven. Though, hell wouldn't certainly be Ramsay's preferred locale. 

This is worth considering because Ramsay has announced that he will be launched a line of hard seltzers in early 2021. The Hell's Seltzer line—yes, that's the real name—will launch with a series of four flavors in partnership with Brew Pipeline and Global Brews of London. 

"Yes, even I enjoy a hard seltzer after a long day, so I decided to toss the devil horns into the ring and heat things up," Ramsay said in an opaque statement about the launch.

Each of the four flavors is inspired by a menu item from one of the sweary chef's Hell's Kitchen restaurants. Though, it's not clear which dishes those are from the announcement. When the Ramsay-certified seltzers hit shelves next to your other favorite celebrity-endorsed drinks at the local liquor store in 2021, it'll come exclusively in a 12-pack that features three cans each of the four flavors that also bear comically assertive names. Those flavors include Berry Inferno (peach, blueberry, raspberry), Knicker Twist (passionfruit, pineapple, orange), Mean Green (kiwi, lime, mint, pineapple), and That's Forked (Key lime, vanilla, graham). 

The flavors look like an interesting twist on the rinse-and-repeat flavors that the big hard seltzer brands have trotted out for the last couple of years. You'll have to wait until next year to discover if they rise above the many, many competitors out there.

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