Gordon Ramsay Curses & Spits His Way Through a Hot Sauce Challenge

Ramsay wasn't quite prepared for the intensity.

Since its inception, "The Hot Ones" has been trying to get chef Gordon Ramsay to make an appearance with the online show. It finally landed him and proceeded to torture him until he teared up for an episode that thrives on schadenfreude.

The show invites celebrity guests to an extended interview. The catch is that they have to eat hot wings while they talk, progressively moving through spicier and spicier sauces until they hit The Last Dab, a "The Hot Ones" sauce made with the unspeakably intense pepper X. It clocks in at more than two million scovilles, a system of measurement that indicates spice levels. Sriracha clocks in at 2,200 on the Scoville Scale.

If you've ever wanted to see Ramsay squirm -- maybe your restaurant was on one of his many shows -- this is your opportunity. (Guy Fieri he is not.) It turns out that the famously sweary chef can get even more profane when his mouth is on fire. The Swears Per Minute (SPM) on this episode enter a realm previously unexplored. 

After the first couple tame sauces, the tone of everything happens involves Ramsay being incredulous that anyone would make another human go through this gauntlet. At one point, Ramsay manages to stop the avalanche of curses. "This program's not normal," he says to host Sean Evans. "Have you ever killed anybody?"

Over the course of the episode, Ramsay downs almost an entire bottle of Pepto Bismol, rubs limes on his lips, pours lemon and lime juice in his mouth, drinks glass after glass of water, and tries to use donuts to balance the heat. Also, though it's hard to tell from the camera angle, it looks like he gets awfully close to revealing the contents of his stomach. And that's all before the last two (and hottest) wings. You'll have to watch the full episode above to see how he handles the finale. 

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Dustin Nelson is a Senior Staff Writer at Thrillist. Follow him @dlukenelson.