Please Enjoy Gordon Ramsay Roasting Stephen Colbert's Cooking on His Own Show

Gordon Ramsay, noted insulter of people for money, appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week. On the whole, Ramsay was charming, kept the mood light as fruit salad, and shared an anecdote about the time he cooked for Russian president Vladimir Putin. But endearing prattle is not what you go to Ramsay for.

No, you're here for Ramsay acting like, as Colbert puts it, "an avenging angel." And on that day, Ramsay was avenging Colbert's earnest attempts at breakfast fare. The reckoning starts at around 3:40 in the video above. 

Colbert shows Ramsay a picture of a wonderful dish he prepared for bandleader Jon Baptiste, namely "shrimp and grits with a shrimp gravy and two bacon bunny ears." Who among us wouldn't be delighted to see this at breakfast time? Gordon Ramsay, that's who.

“It looks terrible," Ramsay opined. "It looks like someone’s puked in that." He further clarified that the "presentation's lacking."

When Colbert asked what he'd have done differently, Ramsay explained, "I’d make it a bit more creamy, I’d whip some butter in there at the end, grate some parmesan cheese, just make it look a bit sexy. That looks dull." 

Colbert takes the constructive feedback, processes it, then chucks the picture away. Like a true artist. 

“You’re not a nice person,” he said.

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